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August: Osage County

The movie is adapted from a play and is about a family whose patriarch disappears one day. The family comes together, and the movie is the story of a dysfunctional family whose secrets become revealed. Overall, I did not much care for the movie. The play was so outstanding, and I felt that it worked much better on stage than in the movie. The parade of big names (all of the people good actors and actresses in their own rights) was distracting for me; I think it was too much, as I just did not feel much chemistry between the …

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This movie is the most original and creative movie I have seen this year. Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore, a sensitive guy and professional letter writer, who is living in the very-near future (close enough to feel contemporary and recognizable). One day, he sees an advertisement for a new computer operating system; he installs it and begins a relationship with his OS (Samantha, voice by Scarlett Johannson). I am not going to say much about the story of the relationship itself, because that story goes in so many marvelous directions. But you really should see it because 1) Phoenix gives probably …

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We Are What We Are

A horror story that begins in a terrible rainstorm and the death of Mrs. Parker (from what we don’t know at this point). She left behind a husband, 2 daughters, and a son. The movie is the events that unfold after their mother’s death that reveal the complex family secrets. This is really a very interesting movie that takes what could have been a B-rate movie and turns it into an A rate movie through exquisitely beautiful cinematography and careful storytelling. The movie is so well made the realization you are watching a horror movie doesn’t come until much later …

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Wolf of Wall Street

Based on actual events portrayed in a book by Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker who rose to fortune and ended up serving time in prison for defrauding investors. There are things about the movie I liked. (1) I thought this was one of Leondardo DiCaprio’s strongest performances; (2) putting this movie in the hands of Martin Scorsese was a great choice – he takes a story that might otherwise be commonplace and documentary-like and turns it into something that is irreverent, over-the-top, and funny; and (3) in the process, it serves as an interesting commentary on Wall Street and …

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