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This movie is the most original and creative movie I have seen this year. Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore, a sensitive guy and professional letter writer, who is living in the very-near future (close enough to feel contemporary and recognizable). One day, he sees an advertisement for a new computer operating system; he installs it and begins a relationship with his OS (Samantha, voice by Scarlett Johannson). I am not going to say much about the story of the relationship itself, because that story goes in so many marvelous directions. But you really should see it because 1) Phoenix gives probably his best performance ever, and Johansson is perfect as the OS; 2) the movie is a spot-on commentary on the parallels between the Theodore – Samantha relationship and relationships between two people; 3) it is just so beautiful to watch – the lighting, the dreamy, home video-like flashbacks that make you feel you are right there, the stunning camera shots create a magical mood; and 4) the movie has so many layers of meaning and is also very, very funny in places. It is such a positive, upbeat, and emotionally moving movie; it was as though I were looking at life and relationships through a new lens. Big, big thumbs up from me for a movie that is a bit weird, deeply insightful, funny, emotional and very personal. The whole topic also appealed to my inner technology geek. (2013; 5 Stars)

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