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August: Osage County

The movie is adapted from a play and is about a family whose patriarch disappears one day. The family comes together, and the movie is the story of a dysfunctional family whose secrets become revealed. Overall, I did not much care for the movie. The play was so outstanding, and I felt that it worked much better on stage than in the movie. The parade of big names (all of the people good actors and actresses in their own rights) was distracting for me; I think it was too much, as I just did not feel much chemistry between the characters – they felt rather disconnected from the story at times. I think in the stage, the limited space of the sets and the bond between family members that existed in spite of the dysfunction conveyed the story and emotions much better. My actual favorite was Julia Roberts; I thought she was great, and she has scenes with Meryl Streep that really showcased the talents of both. I have to give this movie a sideways thumb – I think it is worth seeing for the acting on DVD, but see the stage play at some point if you can. (2013; 2.5 Stars)

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