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Like Father, Like Son

(Japanese with English subtitles): A very thought-provoking movie about two couples who find out that their children, who are now 7 years old, were switched at birth. The two families represent different socioeconomic levels, and the fathers have very different approaches to family. The movie explores the roles of nature and nurture and the impact of parenting style, mostly from the viewpoint of the parents. I thought the movie was really well directed and acted; the two kids, especially the one who plays Kieta, were great. I also liked seeing this story from a different cultural context. While some of …

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The Past

French with English Subtitles:  From the Iranian film director who crafted the really wonderful film “A Separation” a couple of years back. A man returns from Iran to Paris after a 4 year absence to finalize the divorce his wife has sought (she has since met a new man she intends to marry at some point). In the beginning, the soon to be ex-husband appears to be “all business”, but his presence becomes a catalyst for a number of different events. I won’t say much more than this, because the way the story unfolds is quite fascinating, sometimes takes unexpected …

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