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The Past

French with English Subtitles:  From the Iranian film director who crafted the really wonderful film “A Separation” a couple of years back. A man returns from Iran to Paris after a 4 year absence to finalize the divorce his wife has sought (she has since met a new man she intends to marry at some point). In the beginning, the soon to be ex-husband appears to be “all business”, but his presence becomes a catalyst for a number of different events. I won’t say much more than this, because the way the story unfolds is quite fascinating, sometimes takes unexpected turns, and is quite powerful in its revelations about the choices we make and the responsibilities we bear for those choices. The story starts rather slow but becomes more and more layered and complex; it is really about how much we cannot avoid the choices of our past – the past shapes the present and sometimes just seems to be part of the present that we can’t shake off. While I don’t think it was as great as “A Separation”, I loved the movie – these deep, psychological movies are what I like; big thumbs up from me. (2013; 4 Stars)

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