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(Chilean with English Subtitles): Movie about a woman, divorced and with kids grown and with their own lives, living through her 50’s. The biggest joy of this movie is the lead, Paulina Garcia. She is in practically every scene in the movie, but in many of them she looks totally different; Gloria physically embodies a wide range of emotions, and no words are necessary to understand her. I have not seen many actors or actresses do this with such skill; in one scene she looks like she could be in her 30’s, and in the next, with great camera work, she looks a very old woman beaten down by life. She is the spirit of many of us who are getting into middle age and dealing with the complex physical and emotional changes of this transitional era. Big thumbs up for a brilliant performance of a character who refuses to be trapped by her underlying loneliness and just keeps moving forward. The last scene of the movie was wonderful. (2014; 4 Stars)

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