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Director Darren Aronofsky’s story of Noah and the biblical flood. It is really tough to capture this film concisely, as there is so much happening onscreen and so many stories that keep the film very busy and quite energetic. The film is visually beautiful in many places – the flood on the big screen is quite impressive. What worked best for me was the story of Noah himself, portrayed wonderfully by Russell Crowe, as a flawed human conflicted in his ability to understand and do what is right. There is pretty intense subtext around being driven by one’s own beliefs to the point where he/she is blinded by those same convictions to what is truly right. Thumbs up from me for a film that engaged me most of the time and that I found I liked much more than I thought I would. I also love the creative vision of the director who takes a very traditional story such as this one and brings a perspective that feels fresh, contemporary, and should appeal to multiple audiences. (2014; 4 Stars)

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