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based on the first book in the young adult trilogy about a dystopian society in which people are segregated by personality types. While I really enjoyed the trilogy (not as good as Hunger Games, but still a very engaging read), I did not enjoy the movie nearly as much. The film was faithful to the book in most cases; however, the screenplay was rather flat; there should have been a lot more thrilling action and character depth. I found myself filling in the blanks a lot because I read the book; I wondered if people who had not read the book first would have felt satisfied with the movie. The shining star was Kate Winslett who played Jeanine; she was the only person I thought was perfectly cast. A “sideways thumb” for a movie that was not terribly bad (I am glad I saw it) but should have been much better (Reyle, who also read the book recently in school, said that it was okay but kind of boring). I hope the director gets the next one right!! (2014; 2 Stars)

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