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The Only Lovers Left Alive

A very different kind of vampire movie. Tom Hiddleston is Adam, a vampire who lives in Detroit in a dilapidated mansion full of classic guitars and classic 78’s. Tilda Swinton plays Eve, his wife, who lives in Tangiers. Eve decides to take a trip to Detroit to visit Adam, who is growing more depressed. I had a lot of fun watching this movie – it works at different levels: (1) it is a very different take on the standard vampire movie; (2) it is pretty funny – the dialog is sharp and loaded with subtle jabs at modern day problems (how they actually get the blood to feed themselves is one of those); and (3) the darkness of the film and how Adam and Eve move through the scenes is strikingly beautiful to watch. There is virtually no plot, but really, it is totally unnecessary; what is interesting is watching two vampires on the verge of burnout waxing philosophic and trying to find meaning in 21st century life among the zombies (what they call all those who are not vampires). Thumbs up from me for a vampire movie that almost looks like it is not a vampire movie and for the marvelous performances (together and apart) of the two leads. (2014; 4 Stars)

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