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At the beginning of the movie, Locke, a man who works in concrete, leaves a construction site, gets in his car one night, and heads out on the highway. The rest of the film is shot inside and around the car;  we quickly learn about Locke’s life through his conversations with various people – his wife, sons, boss, a coworker, and the person who is the reason he won’t go home and for his world unraveling – through the car’s Bluetooth phone connection.  The movie reminded me of a wonderful movie, “Buried” and how talented filmmakers can create an amazing movie shot entirely in one location and with the work of a single on-camera actor. The movie works so well because of a strong and emotional performance by Tom Hardy, who plays Locke, and the performances of the actors giving voice to the people we hear but never see.  Big thumbs up from me for a movie that is beautiful to look at (all those shots of lights inside and outside the car during the dialog are great), has sharp dialog, and uses concrete to serve as an allegory for Locke’s life. I also loved the end, although the meaning did not drop on me until sometime after the movie was over. (2014; 4.5 Stars)

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