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Blue Ruin

What a pleasant surprise this movie was! At the beginning of the movie, we are with Dwight who is homeless and lives out of his car. A police woman who has befriended Dwight over the years brings news that a man who committed a double murder is being released from prison. Why Dwight is homeless, and how Dwight connects to the man being released, are revealed over the course of the movie. The movie is a revenge movie, but is not at all the typical movie that might star Nicholas Cage or Clint Eastwood. Dwight sets into motion a series of events that he cannot back out of, nor is he prepared for them; he acts without thinking through consequences and makes a lot of mistakes. The directing and script are marvelous; the director captures a slice of American life and culture much like David Gordon Green does in his films. There is not a lot of dialog; that, and because of this and the work of a lead who is relatively unknown and does not look at all like a killer, the movie is always full of suspense. Big thumbs up for a movie that provides a fun and unique twist on the standard plot, is funny in places, and had my rapt attention until the very end. The movie has a few bloody and violent places in them; for those that don’t mind this kind of film, I highly recommend it.(2014; 4.5 Stars)

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