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Mac Radner (played by Seth Rogan) and his wife Kelly become neighbors with a fraternity headed by Teddy (Played by Zac Effron). The movie is the story of the war between the Radners and the fraternity; the Radners, who have a new baby, try to find ways to get the fraternity kicked out of its house. The movie is kind of a contemporary Animal House (maybe it is the Animal House that Judd Aptow would have made if he were making films then); there is a lot of raunchy humor, bromancing, and has a message about what it is like to leave the party life behind and face the real world. I give it a marginal thumbs up for the (few) scenes that were truly funny and for the three leads who each do a pretty good job playing against each other (nothing terribly novel here, however). If you like this sort of raunchy college movie with lots of drinking, getting stoned, male-focused kind of humor, you will probably find the movie fun. (2014; 3 Stars)

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