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Godzilla (3D IMAX)

Godzilla comes back from the sea to battle creatures that look like metallic aphids. Some parts of the movie are true to the originals – in this particular one, Godzilla, who is taller than all of the buildings in San Francisco, helps save humanity from these creatures who eat nuclear weapons and appear to be incubating hundreds of eggs; in the process of destroying them, Godzilla manages to smash everything in sight. The dialog is mostly rather corny (but very appropriate for a Godzilla movie). The movie was not completely satisfying for me (who probably saw every Godzilla movie multiple times when I was a kid). I have to admit I missed the story about where these aphid-like creatures came from and how Godzilla came to know they were here. There were not enough big-action Godzilla scenes (and they came near the end; there was, however, enough fighting to ensure almost complete destruction of 3 major US (not Japanese) cities. Moderate thumbs up for a movie that was modestly entertaining, contained numerous scenes of mass destruction, and that could have used a lot more humor. Overall, it was a bit of a disappointment for me; I don’t feel like the director really captured the franchise well. (2014; 2.5 Stars)

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