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Cold In July

Richard (played by Michael C Hall) wakes up one night and, hearing someone in his house, goes downstairs and ends up shooting the intruder. The intruder’s father (played by Sam Shepard) has just been paroled and suddenly appears in town. I won’t say anything more about the story, as it would give a lot of the fun away. I thought this was a really well made movie with a lot of plot twists that keep things interesting and suspenseful. Don Johnson gives a hilarious performance as Jim Bob, a private detective; all three of the male leads were great individually and together. I read a review from someone who called it “Texan pulp fiction”, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe it. Big thumbs up for a movie that was not as good as Pulp Fiction but, if you liked that movie, you probably will find this entertaining as well.(2014; 4.5 Stars)

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