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Fed Up

Katie Couric narrates this documentary about the growing obesity epidemic in the US. The film includes interviews with a number of children, parents, and doctors (including children who are obese), as well as archival footage of TV commercials, politicians, and others, that shed light on the complexity of the epidemic and its root causes. The film primarily focuses on sugar, one aspect of the epidemic and how sugar, in all of its different forms, has become pervasive in the foods we eat. While there was not a lot that I did not already know, I did learn from it (for example, a burning question that I had never thought of, “what happens to all of the milk fat that remains when it is removed from low fat foods”?). I also think the statistics around exercise and obesity rates provide a pretty compelling argument against the belief that you can eat what you want as long as you exercise. Thumbs up for an important and informative movie that I think everyone should see and talk about; it certainly is helping me to pay even closer attention to the ingredients in the foods I buy. (2014; 3 Stars)

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