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Inequality for All

Robert Reich, a professor of economics and Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, gives us in this documentary a lesson on income inequality – what it is, how it evolves, and its costs to the middle class in America. He does it using evidence he has accumulated in the form of graphical displays showing income, education attainment, and other sources of data since the early 20th century; the parallels between Great Depression and the current times are particularly striking. Reich is a very witting and engaging teacher, and I loved his optimism, given the sobering numbers, and his continued call to his young students to act for social change (the movie should resonate well with the older millenials who from the evidence appear to be more interested in equality and social justice that other generations). Big thumbs up for a move that everyone should see and talk about regardless of political ideology. (2014; 4.5 Stars)

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