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Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise plays Major (Corporal??) Cage, a press officer who at the start of the movie seems to have been demote and is being sent to the front to battle alien creatures. Emily Blunt plays Rita, a soldier who is infamous for winning the battle of Verdun fighting the creatures. Major Cage goes to the front, gets killed, and suddenly wakes up to repeat the same scenes over. The move is a really interesting twist on the Groundhog Day premise – to be able to repeat the same day over again and learn how to get it right. In this case, getting it right means moving closer to winning the battle. I really enjoyed the movie because (1) it provides non-stop action; (2) it is very suspenseful; (3) Cruise and Blunt both do a great job of acting and have great chemistry on the screen; and (4) it is very, very funny (the ways he dies in order to repeat the day are for a while really hilarious). Thumbs up for a movie I found to be thoroughly entertaining in so many ways. (2014; 4 Stars)

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