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Brendan Gleeson plays Father James, who learns in confession at the beginning of the movie that someone is going to kill him in a week’s time. The rest of the movie is a story of how he deals with that as well as the oddball inhabitants of the town (many of whom are members of his congregation). Brendan Gleeson is such a talented actor who plays diverse roles; this is his movie – his performance is gripping and emotional as a man who is evaluating his life – he is another actor who can carry a performance through his body and facial expressions. There also appears to be a David Lynch influence when it comes to the portrayal of very strange and unique residents who all, in their own ways, are looking for salvation; in spite of this, Father James maintains a staunch faith in humanity and what he does. The movie is darkly humorous but at the same time very serious; the end doesn’t leave a lot of room for hope, but the very last scene of the movie is brilliant. Big thumbs up for a movie that serves as an excellent platform for Brendan Gleeson’s talents; it is one that won’t be for everyone, however. (2014; 4 Stars)

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