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Big Eyes

Story about the artist Keane whose paintings of the children with the big eyes became quite popular in the 1960’s. Christoph Waltz plays Walter Keane, a San Francisco artist who meets Margaret, played by Amy Adams, at a sidewalk art show. Very quickly, both are married, and through a quick sequence of events, Walter is mistaken for the artist, and he does not correct the error. The movie is the story of how the Keanes, and the art they created, became popular. I found the story to be rather interesting; I remember two of these prints hanging in our house for many years while I was growing up. As a movie, I found it lacking. I thought the overall tone of the movie became increasingly trite as the story progressed. Christoph Waltz, who played his roles so brilliantly in Django Unchained and Inglorious Basterds, plays his character similarly here, and it just does not work. All of the characters become overly simplified later in the movie. This movie gets a thumbs down from me; its saving grace is Amy Adams, who is always a joy to watch. (2014, 2 stars)

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