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Richard Linklater film with three characters. Vin (Ethan Hawke), (Jon) Robert Sean Leonard, and Amy (Uma Thurman) play people who knew each other in high school who are brought together by Ethan Hawke character to deal with an incident that happened at the end of their senior year. As typical of a Linklater, this film is really about the dialog; probably less typical is that there is actually a story with a plot here that unfolds slowly and in interesting and unexpected ways as the film evolves. Hawke is especially good as XX; you never know from scene to scene what he will do next. Big thumbs up; I thought this was a really great film – simple yet effective setting involving a very complex issue – that shows how each of us remember and internalize events that happen in our lives and the impact our actions have on others. (2001; 4 Stars)

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