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Based on a true story about a group of gay men and lesbians in England in the 1980’s who form LGSM – Lesbians and Gays Support Miners – to support miners in their huge and well-known strike during Margaret Thatcher’s rule. The group raises money and tries to make contact with the union; unsuccessful at that, they get in a bus and find a town in Wales to give the money in person. The move is about how the miners and members of the LGSM formed a long-lasting friendship. This is such a wonderful movie about a partnership that seems almost fiction; from what I can tell in some checking, reports indicate it is a pretty accurate rendition of what happened. There is so much goodness in this movie: (a) the music and the characters are fun; (b) there is a lot of interesting insight into the politics of LGB activism during that era; (c) the acting is very good and the characters all a lot of fun; (d) there are a lot of issues such as coming out and AIDS that are dealt with but not in a way that gets overly trite or sentimental; and mostly (e), it is such a positive and inspirational story of how people who are very different can work and fight together for a common cause. Big thumbs up; my LGBT friends undoubtedly will love the movie, but the story is one that has a positive and good message for everyone (2014; 4 stars).

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