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The film has three essential characters – Ethan Hawke, who plays the bartender; Noah Taylor as John Robinson, and Sarah Snook as Jane. John begins a conversation with the Bartender one evening after betting a bottle of whiskey that his story would an odd story worth listening to. I won’t say much about the film because the story, based on time travel to past and future, is rather complex and has many surprises. This is a really fun film for science fiction fans. I have to admit it is rather hard to follow everything clearly; the film moves so fast that it is rather difficult for the logical mind to keep up with the plot twists and to maintain the story during different jumps across time. But it all comes together in the end in a very fascinating and satisfying way. I was hooked by the story over the entire film. Thumbs up from me for this movie, based on a short story by Robert Heinlein, one of my favorite science fiction writers during my teenage years. This is a 2015 movie that I was able to rent on ITunes; I don’t now if it has come out in wide release. (2015, 3.5 stars)

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