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Two Days One Night

Marion Cotillard plays Sandra, who has been out of work on extended medical leave for depression. Just as she returns to work, Sandra has been told that the manager gave 16 of her colleagues a choice – either he allows Sandra to continue employment or they could all receive a 1000.00 annual bonus – and that the vote was in favor of the bonus. She and a colleague approach the boss, and he assents to a revote on Monday morning. With her job in peril, she spends the weekend canvassing support. There were two impressive things about this movie. The first is the acting by Marion Cotillard – she is magnificent as a woman trying to get her work life back while simultaneously recovering from depression. She wears no make-up, and she tells much of her condition through her face and body; Cotillard slips so seamlessly into the role that in different scenes she almost looks like different people (the actor who plays her husband is great as well). The second is the underlying parable of a modern company in which its employees are presented with a difficult dilemma and how everyone reacts to it. Big thumbs up for a movie that offers an exemplary technical acting performance and offers an interesting perspective on morality in the context of capitalistic enterprise (2014, 4 stars).

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