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A very mesmerizing look at Martin Luther King and the events leading up to the march from Selma to Montgomery. This is a very powerful movie. Based on footage I have seen over the years, David Oyelowo’s portrayal of MLK is uncanny – he looks like him and sounds like him. I loved that the movie showed the “man behind the legend” – a man who was conflicted and had doubts about the work he was doing and whether he was taking the right actions. The political wrangling going on – battle of wills between MLK and LBJ, the maneuvering to get a voters bill to the legislature, and posturing among politicians – felt very contemporary. The film showed as well that there was not necessarily unity within the black community about the most effective strategies for achieving the goal of ensuring equal access to voting. In addition to Oyelowo, the acting is excellent. And the song, Glory, is amazing. Big thumbs up for an inspirational movie that everyone should see and that shows that movements may be messy, but achieving the goal is about determination, strength of leadership, and even some political wrangling. This will definitely be among my top movies of the year (2014, 4.5 stars).

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