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The Last Five Years

The film, based on an off-Broadway musical, is about a young couple’s courtship, marriage, and dissolution. The story is told from the perspectives of Cathy (Anna Kendrick) and Jaime (Jeremy Jordan) star in a film, The film narrative is interesting – we get the story from the perspective of Cathy and Jaime; Jaime’s perspective begins at the end, and Cathy’s at the beginning, and the two perspectives weave in and out during the film. I found it a bit confusing to follow at times, but the songs are great, and they do an effective job of helping to keep the storyline on track. I thought both leads were charming, but Anna Kendrick was the star of the show; her voice is pretty amazing, and brings a lot of emotion to the story. Thumbs up for a movie that sometimes feels a bit “flat” (the risk of translating the stage to a film) but still kept me engaged. I loved the last song the best, “Goodbye Until Tomorrow”. (2015, 3 stars)

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