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Colin Firth is Harry Hart, member of the Kingsman, who recruits a young man (Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton) to apply to be a member to replace one who was lost on assignment. The Kingsmen are super agents and spys who are always on assignment to save the world from villians like Richmond Vallentine (played by Samuel Jackson). I had such fun in this movie, which started off like Hunger Games (6 young people vying for one spot on the select Kingsman team) and ended up playing out like a meet-up between James Bond and Pulp Fiction. Colin Firth is great as the mentor for Eggsy, whose transformation during the story. I had never seen Taron Egerton in movies before, but he is wonderful as the young man who rises to the occasion (and really shines later in the movie when he comes into his own). Samuel Jackson’s Vallentine is so campy and totally unexpected. And, finally, the fighting scenes are wild and totally over the top. Two big thumbs up (from me and Reyle) for a very stylish, hip, contemporary, and totally irreverent spy film that is well acted and provides a lot of Tarrantino – type laughs. What a fun way to start off the 2015 film year. (2015, 4 stars)

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