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The Voices

Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a guy who has psychiatric issues and is not taking his medications. The result is that his cat and dog talk to him and become his “angel-devil” inner conversation. Other objects begin talking to him, but that is part of the story that I won’t divulge. Overall, this black comedy was just really bizarre. I did not find it terribly funny (with the exception of some of the banter back and forth between the cat and dog, and at the very end in the credits when the cast is singing and dancing). Jacki Weaver, who was great in Silver Linings Playbook and Animal Kingdom, doesn’t really get a chance to shine in her role as the psychiatrist, nor does Anna Kendrick. I don’t give this one a thumbs up – I just found it rather a mess of a movie with no sustaining laughs. (2015, 2.5 stars)

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