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What We Do In The Shadows

Just when you think they can’t do anything more interesting with a vampire movie, this one comes along. Imagine a Christopher Guest-type mockumentary (say, Best in Show), and even the Blair Witch Project; then put it in a MTV-type reality TV show format; then toss in just about any cliché from all the vampire movies you have ever seen. What you end up is this film about 4 vampire roommates who range in age from over 100 to over 800 years old trying to live together. The camera crew (who all wear crucifixes) follows them in their nightly antics, including bantering over sharing household chores, going to dance clubs and picking up girls, learning about modern technology (selfies and making Skype calls) and, of course, feeding. It is 90 minutes of hilarious laughs. Thumbs up (and from my friend who joined me for the movie) for a movie that is just silly fun; if you want something to make you laugh and you are not into anything very heavy, this movie will work perfectly. I don’t even think you have to like vampire movies, but those who know the genre will have fun with the skewering. (2015, 4 stars)

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