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Run All Night

Liam Neeson is Jimmy Conlon, a rather washed-up gangster who finds himself suddenly working against the family lead by Shawn Maguire (played by Ed Harris), who had employed Jimmy for many years as his hitman, “Jimmy the Gravedigger”, when Jimmy kills Shawn’s son Danny to protect his own son Michael. The movie is the sequence of events that happens over the course of the night involving both of the families. There was a decent story here that kept me interested – it is a story about the friendship between Shawn and Jimmy and about the relationship the two men had …

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It Follows

In the opening scenes, a young woman is running scared from something we don’t see. The reason why becomes clear when Jay, the lead character, is involved in a very unusual sexual encounter. She wakes up to find herself tied to a wheelchair, and her sex partner tells her that he has passed something onto her and, in the process, has rid himself of it. Jay will be followed by something that takes on various human forms that only she can see. How that plays out with her and her friends is the story of this really original film. I …

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Fast & Furious 7

The next in the Fast and Furious series finds the remaining team mobilizing once again. The new bad guy is Deckard Shaw, a ruthless man who at the beginning of the film is met downloading all information on the Fast and Furious team; this forces Brian’s (Paul Walker’s character) family into hiding and him out of family life to join Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, and the others to find Deckard Shaw and God’s Eye, a device that can use technology to track your every move. The stunts are over-the-top, and we expect they will outdo …

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