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Fast & Furious 7

The next in the Fast and Furious series finds the remaining team mobilizing once again. The new bad guy is Deckard Shaw, a ruthless man who at the beginning of the film is met downloading all information on the Fast and Furious team; this forces Brian’s (Paul Walker’s character) family into hiding and him out of family life to join Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, and the others to find Deckard Shaw and God’s Eye, a device that can use technology to track your every move. The stunts are over-the-top, and we expect they will outdo those in the previous movie, and they sure do; the movie is so hyperkinetic I felt a bit exhausted at the end (some of the things they do are just plain crazy and funny). And the one-liners are still really corny. There is also a really wonderful story here about family and friends – there is emotional depth and a chemistry in this movie that is different from the previous films of the series and why it is my favorite of the ones I have seen. I loved the end – it provides a great tribute to Paul Walker. Big thumbs up for a movie that Reyle and I both really enjoyed (he said he thought it was better than the last one, which was pretty over the top also). (2015, 4 stars)

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