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Run All Night

Liam Neeson is Jimmy Conlon, a rather washed-up gangster who finds himself suddenly working against the family lead by Shawn Maguire (played by Ed Harris), who had employed Jimmy for many years as his hitman, “Jimmy the Gravedigger”, when Jimmy kills Shawn’s son Danny to protect his own son Michael. The movie is the sequence of events that happens over the course of the night involving both of the families. There was a decent story here that kept me interested – it is a story about the friendship between Shawn and Jimmy and about the relationship the two men had with their own sons and how they deal with loss. It is all a bit Godfather-esque. And, of course, there is a lot of action – the film moves very fast, there are lots of car chase and fight scenes, and the body count is high. I like Liam Neeson as an actor, but it seems the roles he gets are very uneven; I thought that this one was a pretty good one. Thumbs up for a movie that has its share of flaws – this could have been a much deeper and textured story and could have been a truly great showcase for booth Neeson and Harris – but that I still found entertaining. I saw this with my aunt who enjoyed the film as well. (2015, 3 stars)

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