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I will just start out by saying that this movie is hilarious! Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a CIA agent who has spent 10 years in an office, which is a vermin-infested basement spy center. Here, she partners remotely with Bradley Fine (Jude Law) who wears special contacts with cameras; she can monitor all activity in the vicinity and keep him safe. When Fine suddenly gets killed, Cooper is sent to the field as an observer and monitor. The film is rather what a James Bond or other superspy film would be like if its id took over: No filters, …

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Love and Mercy

Story of Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) life; Paul Dano plays the young Wilson at the height of his creativity, and John Cusack plays Wilson during the later years when he was struggling most with his mental illness. I really liked this movie and found it incredibly absorbing. While I, like many of us, grew up with Beach Boys music, I did not know much about Brian Wilson. I was intrigued by some of the unusual things the director did with the movie, such as the jumping back and forth between the young Wilson and the older Wilson; the filming of …

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Jennifer Aniston plays Claire, a young woman who is addicted to pills and alcohol and is suffering physically and psychologically from a tragedy, the details of which become clearer as the movie progresses. The movie overall is rather odd. It is too predictable. The narrative takes several detours that are not really well developed, so I did not find that the story really hung together very well. Having said this, the reason to see it is Aniston’s performance. I have never been a huge fan – I really liked her dramatic performance in The Good Girl and her comedic role …

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Inside Out

This is a wonderful animated movie from Pixar. Riley is a little girl who moves from her home in Minnesota to San Francisco when her father gets transferred there for work. The story that goes on inside of Riley is the substance of the movie. Five personified emotions- anger, fear, sadness, joy, and disgust – rule the control panel of Riley’s inner life. One day Joy and Sadness find themselves outside of the control center and embark on a journey to return. The writers create a fascinating and visually gorgeous inner psychological world, complete with her long-term and short-term memories, …

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Kenneth Branaugh remake of this fairy tale is quite marvelous. Everyone knows the story, and the movie stays very true to it. There are a lot of things that really work for the movie. It has the look and feel that a classic fairy tale movie should – beautiful to watch, pure in its message, and full of magic. The acting is wonderful and really carries the film – Lily James captures well all the beauty and goodness of Cinderella; Cate Blanchette is superb as the wicked stepmother, and Helena Bonham Carter offers a bit of comedy as the fairy …

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