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Kenneth Branaugh remake of this fairy tale is quite marvelous. Everyone knows the story, and the movie stays very true to it. There are a lot of things that really work for the movie. It has the look and feel that a classic fairy tale movie should – beautiful to watch, pure in its message, and full of magic. The acting is wonderful and really carries the film – Lily James captures well all the beauty and goodness of Cinderella; Cate Blanchette is superb as the wicked stepmother, and Helena Bonham Carter offers a bit of comedy as the fairy godmother. The costumes are gorgeous, and the scenes in which the fairy godmother creates the carriage, horses, and driver, and when they return to normal at the last strike of midnight, are quite fun to watch. I saw this on the plane recently and knew that Lizzy would love it, so I went to see it with her today. She said, “I looovvvveedd it”. So two thumbs up for a movie that has all of the simple beauty and wholesome goodness that a traditional fairy tale should have and that works well for children (well, probably mostly girls) and adults alike. (2015; 4 stars)

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