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Jennifer Aniston plays Claire, a young woman who is addicted to pills and alcohol and is suffering physically and psychologically from a tragedy, the details of which become clearer as the movie progresses. The movie overall is rather odd. It is too predictable. The narrative takes several detours that are not really well developed, so I did not find that the story really hung together very well. Having said this, the reason to see it is Aniston’s performance. I have never been a huge fan – I really liked her dramatic performance in The Good Girl and her comedic role as the dentist in Horrible Bosses. But I thought she gave the performance of her career in this movie. She truly looked the part of someone who was suffering and beaten. In some places, I did not recognize her. So, I give this a “thumbs up” – not for the story, which did not really add anything new to this kind of movie, but for Jennifer Aniston, who was completely absorbed into her role. (3 starts, 2015)

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