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I will just start out by saying that this movie is hilarious! Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a CIA agent who has spent 10 years in an office, which is a vermin-infested basement spy center. Here, she partners remotely with Bradley Fine (Jude Law) who wears special contacts with cameras; she can monitor all activity in the vicinity and keep him safe. When Fine suddenly gets killed, Cooper is sent to the field as an observer and monitor. The film is rather what a James Bond or other superspy film would be like if its id took over: No filters, mining every absurdity the imagination could generate from every cliché – the car chase scenes, beautiful women, and fight scenes. The result is almost non-stop laughs – not the snickers but those laughs where you just cannot stop yourself. Yes, it is typical, raunchy McCarthy humor, but this is definitely her movie. She is surrounded as well by great and very funny characters. The one-liners from friend, colleague, or foe are brilliant, and there are lots of funny surprises. I needed a lot of laughs today, and I definitely got them. Thumbs up from me; this is the movie Melissa McCarthy should have made after Bridesmaids. It is just a better movie when she is the star (of course, it probably helped that the guy who directed Bridesmaids directed her here as well). (2015; 4 stars)

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