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The Martian

Matt Damon plays Dr. Mark Watney, a botanist on a scientific expedition to Mars. During an intense storm, there is an accident and he is presumed dead; the remaining crew takes off, leaving him behind. The movie is about his experiences in trying to survive by himself on the planet. This movie should not have worked for me, but it did. The science seems mostly improbable, but it sure sounded good. The dialog in many places was rather corny, but they together helped give the movie a levity and goofiness that worked. The song (a disco soundtrack) were a bit …

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Song of the Sea

This amazing animated movie from Ireland is a children’s story about Saoirse a serkin who has the ability to swim with seals. She and her brother embark on an adventure and meet the characters in the stories their mother told her brother when he was young, before Saoirse was born. The movie is heart-swelling beauty through the mesmerizing storybook-style images, the flow of the story, and the music. From the moment the movie opens to the ending credits, I was swept into a truly magical experience. Big thumbs up for a film that can be appreciated by people of all …

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Pitch Perfect 2

The movie begins as the Bellas, fresh off of 3 National A Capella championships, find themselves disqualified from future US competitions due to a rather unfortunate accident involving Fat Amy that starts off the movie. They will be allowed to continue to compete and remain as a chapter if they win the world championships. While there are a lot of gags, I was not nearly as enamored with the sequel as I was with the first one. The ideas here are not terribly fresh. The announcers, mimicking the very funny announcers from Best in Show, fall flat. Having said that, …

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Shameik Moore plays Malcolm, a high school senior and a geek who is a straight A student with near perfect SAT scores; hangs with 2 other friends who are also nerds. All three of them live in a lower class neighborhood in Inglewood CA and play in a punk rock band. One evening they go to a party and end up in a rather crazy adventure. The script plays on the multiple meanings of the word “dope” and is very well written and cast – the three friends are wonderful actors, especially the one who plays Shameik Moore. The characters …

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