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Pitch Perfect 2

The movie begins as the Bellas, fresh off of 3 National A Capella championships, find themselves disqualified from future US competitions due to a rather unfortunate accident involving Fat Amy that starts off the movie. They will be allowed to continue to compete and remain as a chapter if they win the world championships. While there are a lot of gags, I was not nearly as enamored with the sequel as I was with the first one. The ideas here are not terribly fresh. The announcers, mimicking the very funny announcers from Best in Show, fall flat. Having said that, the story is light, the music is a lot of fun, and there is one romance story that is actually pretty sweet. Thumbs up for a movie that let me down but is nevertheless entertaining; those who liked the first one will likely enjoy this one as well. (2015; 3 stars)

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