The documentary of the short, troubled life of Amy Winehouse. This is a really great documentary: Given how young Amy was and how recently she died, there are volumes of video footage, text messages, and photos that make it possible for Amy to essentially tell her own story. There are a lot of people who are interviewed, but what I found so compelling was to see her in videos and hear her speaking to us directly. It was a difficult movie to watch; she had serious problems with drug and alcohol abuse and several unhealthy relationships – I found myself wondering at several points why the people who were around her, like her father, did not more actively help her. But as is also clear, the person who needs help has to help herself, and she lost the ability to do that. From her troubled spirit emerged a songwriter and singer whose talent is not equaled by many. This movie gets 5 stars from me; it totally engaged me from the beginning to the very end (even though it was rather long at 2.5 hours). For anyone who has any doubt about Amy’s talent, this film will leave you with no question of how special she was. (2015; 5 stars)

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