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Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellan plays Sherlock Holmes in a story that moves back and forth between the present, when he is very old, retired, and suffering from memory loss, and to his younger days solving crimes. In the present, he maintains bees and struggles to remember the pieces of something that happened to him before he retired. He befriends the young son (Roger) of his housekeeper (played by Laura Linney); Roger is also interested in solving riddles and will help him to put the pieces together. This is a fine film. The acting by McKellan was stellar (as it always is), but also wonderful was the acting by the young boy (played by Milo Parker). The story plays out like a Sherlock Holmes mystery with many twists and turns but finds in its solutions commentary on the limitations of logic. Thumbs up for a very enjoyable movie with some wonderful messages about aging and the value of the heart-over-head. The relationship that forms between Holmes and Roger was also very sweet).(2015; 3.5 stars)

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