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Michael Fassbender plays Steve Jobs in a 3-act film that captures 3 critical times in his life: The rolling out of the Macintosh in 1984; his being fired from Apple and his launch of NEXT in 1988; and at the launch of the IMac and the new OS in 1998. This is a really interesting film. The acting overall was fantastic, but I was mesmerized by Fassbender’s acting performance and that of Kate Winslett (who I did not recognize at all in the film) who played his marketing director and his “social consciencie”; the interactions and chemistry between the two is amazing to watch (I suspect both will be up for various awards for their roles). The pace of the films is fast, and the energy Fassbender brings to Jobs keeps the dialog, which can be sharp and devastating, rolling at high energy. It was an interesting choice to focus on these three events; overall, this focus worked. Some things were lost, though – it is hard to get a sense of the deeper and more personal side of Jobs from the film. When I left the theater, my impression of him was as a brilliant man but huge jerk who may have softened later in life (thanks to the scenes with his daughter Lisa whom he spent much of her life denying). One moment I thought him to be an ass and the next minute could see why people liked him so much. I think that is credit to the director and writer, both very skilled, and the acting abilities of the two leads. Big thumbs up for a movie that features one of the best acting performances I have seen this year and for a film that has some gaps but still told a really engrossing story. (2015; 4 stars)

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