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Spotlight: Based on the true story of the Spotlight team from the Boston Globe who broke the story about the sexual abuses committed to children by over 70 priests in the Catholic Church in Boston and the systematic cover-up of those abuses by the church. This was a wonderful film, although it can be a bit angering at times as well. It is a great story of detective journalism and the work it takes to break stories of this magnitude. The pace of the film is quick; it presents various angles of the investigation in a way that gives insight into the victims, the perpetrators, the colluders, and the journalists in a very balanced way. It also felt very honest – the film does not absolve the Boston Globe for overlooking this case for several years. The acting was great as an ensemble – there really isn’t one person who stood out (although I liked Liv Schreiber as the new editor who suggested that they follow this story). Big thumbs up for a movie that is about journalism and what good journalists can do. I am glad the Globe won the Pulitzer prize for their work on this story. Pay attention at the end before the credits roll; the list that is presented is jaw-dropping. I highly recommend this film. (2015; 4.5 stars)

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