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Saoirse Ronan plays Ellis, a young woman who, unable to find decent work in Ireland, emigrates to Brooklyn to find work and a new life. While there, she meets Tony (played by Emory Cohen), a second-generation Italian plumber. When Ellis’s sister dies suddenly, she returns to Ireland to spend time with her mother. I found the film to be incredibly beautiful. It was well paced as Ellis slowly evolves from being homesick to finding love and a new world of possibilities and later, to finding herself pulled between the familiarity of Ireland and the bigger future represented by Brooklyn. Ronan is excellent, as is Cohen, and the scenes with the two of them are enchanting. Big thumbs up for a beautiful, emotional, and very uplifting story that will also serve as, I suspect, a breakout role for Ronan. It is also a story of the more personal and psychological aspects of immigration. (2015, 4.5 stars)

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