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Glen Campbell – I’ll Be Me

This isn’t as much a documentary about Glen Campbell’s life as it is a film about how Campbell and his family cope with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Soon after he was diagnosed, they decided to do a goodbye tour that included 151 shows. The movie is very emotional and personal; the family appears to give the director unlimited access into their lives. Three of his children played as part of his band during the show (there is an amazing scene during which father and daughter play a guitar-banjo duet), and each of the children seemed to treasure this time that they had with their dad on the road. As his memory continued to rapidly decline, he still amazingly was able to sing (with the aid of a teleprompter) and engage an audience. Big thumbs up for a movie that provides a very intimate look at the effect of Alzheimer’s on one family. While I wish it had more about his life, it is a very empowering and uplifting story, whether or not you are a fan of Glen Campbell’s music. (2014, 4 stars)

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