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Fred (Michael Caine) and Mick (Harvey Keitel) are two friends who are vacationing in the Swiss Alps. Fred is a conductor who has retired, and Mick has some young actors and writers who are helping him to put together his last movie. The film is about the reflections by both men about aging and life. I really enjoyed the movie for many reasons: (a) The acting is very good – the two leads are superb together, Rachel Weisz gives a nice performance as Michael Caine’s daughter, and Paul Dano plays an actor (only known for one major role) Fred meets during the vacation; (b) the story is a really nice contemplation of and reflection on aging; and (c) The film is beautiful to look at and listen to – the cinematography is grand, and imagery and music work together in creative (and sometimes jarring) ways to convey the emotional story of the film.   I saw this with my friend Sankhara and we both walked out feeling like we saw a really wonderful movie. Thumbs up for an emotionally intense movie that can be rather abstract and sometimes seemed to have too many stories going on but worked beautifully in showing how age and experience influence the way we see the world but do not have to limit us. Like the director’s previous film, The Great Beauty, it is most enjoyable when you don’t focus on only the words but take in the entire experience – words, images, and music. (2015; 4 stars)

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