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45 Years – Kate (Charlotte Rampling) and her husband Geoff (Tom Courtenay) are only a few days away from their 45th wedding anniversary party when Geoff learns that the body of a former lover prior to Kate was found in a glacier in the Swiss Alps. The movie, told in daily segments leading up to the party, tells the story of the effect of that news on their marriage. I think the film is amazing. First, while the performances of both leads are stellar, Charlotte Rampling gives the performance that I think should win the Oscar. The dialogue is spare, but what she does with her words and the facial and body expressions convey a broad range of emotions that is mesmerizing and is only possible with a master actress. The script is very tight – there are very few distractions from the main story, and the movie focuses mostly on how both husband and wife deal with the events that unfold. There are moments in the movie – revelations and ambiguities – that makes you catch your breath. And the ending seems perfect – sad, but perfect. Big thumbs up for a movie that adds to the genre of movies about aging that really leaves you with a lot to think about. (2015, 5 stars)

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