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Ryan Reynolds plays Superhero Wade, a guy who became disfigured during an experiment that went badly but resulted his ability to heal himself very quickly. He becomes Deadpool, and the movie is the story of how he got to Deadpool and his search for the person who was responsible for his disfiguration. The movie is very funny; this is a great role for Ryan Reynolds (who to me has been rather hit or miss and had his best role to date in a serious film Buried). In this movie, he reminds me of a male version of Melissa McCarthy – very funny with a very raunchy sense of humor. He is uber-confident and keeps the movie at a fast clip with his one-liners, almost non-stop laughs, and a lot of action. Big thumbs up for a movie that is a lot of fun and provides an interesting twist on the superhero genre. You really have to be into raunchy humor to enjoy this however, and this is definitely a superhero movie for adults (although I can imagine that this will be a huge seller when it gets to rental – lots of teenagers will be downloading it for sure). Oh, and make sure you pay attention to the opening credits and stay to the very end. (2016; 4 stars)

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