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Straight Outta Compton

Film about the rise of the band N.W.A and the solo careers that the group spawned. The best thing about the film is the acting – the entire cast is excellent, particularly the men who played Ice Cube (the guy who played him looks amazingly like him), Dr. Dre, and Easy E. I also really enjoyed watching the story of these guys who came out of Compton CA and made gangsta rap popular – music whose lyrics and passion and anger came directly out of the lives of black men and women and spoke to a generation of people. Whether you like rap or not, the film gives an appreciation of the culture the lead to the success of N.W.A. , whose individual members had their own impressive solo careers, and the tough road these men traveled to achieve success – shady managers, racism, and the influence of money and power on those who aren’t used to it. I loved it – big thumbs up from me. My only criticism, and a small one, is that the film played it rather safe in places; in doing so, however, I think that it probably helped the film to be more accessible to a broader audience. (2015; 4 stars)

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