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The Good Dinosaur

At the beginning of the film, a meteor flies by, presumably the one that makes dinosaurs extinct, but it misses the earth, and the dinosaurs flourish. Arlo is the “runt of the litter” of a family of 5 dinosaurs, and he is not old enough or big enough to make his mark. He becomes separated from his family, befriends a small human child, and both try to get back to Arlo’s home. The film is the story of that adventure. I enjoyed the movie; it is beautifully animated and tells a wonderful story about adjusting to family loss and ultimately what makes a family. There is a fair amount of action that keeps the film moving forward. Thumbs up from Anne, Lizzy and I for a sweet film with a really good message. The film probably works best for kids who are old enough to handle some modestly scary dinosaur scenes and for adults; I am not sure it would interest many teenagers, however (making it not quite an “all family” movie). (2016; 4 stars)

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