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In this story of the resurrection of Christ and the days following it, Joseph Feinnes plays Clavius, a tribune to Pontius Pilate, who is ordered to find the body of Christ that is missing from the tomb. The film is about the transformation of Clavius as he goes on that search. Surprising to me, I actually liked the film. I thought Feinnes did a good job portraying the transformation of Clavius. The cinematography was also very good – it was a pretty film to watch. The film felt true to the original story (just told from a slightly different perspective), and my Aunt Jeannette confirmed that it was. Thumbs up from here for a film that isn’t perfect (I found it to be very slow and rather bland during the first hour or so), and one that won’t be for everyone, but one that does a good job retelling a familiar story (and with a good message of love and faith of which many Christians could stand to be reminded). (2016; 3 stars)

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