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(3D) – Judy Hopps is the first bunny to make it through the police academy, and she moves to the metropolis of Zootopia to taken on her first job. Not taken seriously and assigned to give parking tickets, she manages to get embroiled in a mysterious case of a missing otter and enlists the assistance of Nick Wilde, a sly fox on the wrong side of the law, to help her crack the case. The movie is hilarious. There are a lot of pop culture references (music, Iphones, apps, and such) as well as nods to several movies like the Godfather that are really funny and will appeal to adults, while the film’s overall color, beautiful animation, action, and sight gags will appeal to most kids (I think that really young ones might find some of the scenes a big scary). There are also very clear and good messages about bullying, prejudice, and working with differences that seem so fitting to what is going on today. Big thumbs up for a super entertaining movie and one that gave me some good and much needed laughs for a Friday afternoon (there is one scene in particular at the DMV that I could not stop laughing at and will be instantly recognizable to nearly everyone. The directors could not have gotten it any better). I suspect this will be one of the best movies of the year – definitely make a plan to see it. (2016; 5 stars)

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